Ceva and ARDRA offer Equine Therapy

In 2016 Ceva signed a partnership with the French ARDRA Association to offer equine-assisted therapy to people with disabilities and health problems, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The aim of the Ceva-ARDRA partnership is to use equine therapy to assist those suffering from MS, through human-animal companionship and therapy. Not only do patients benefit through this programme, but it provides a valuable opportunity to measure the effects of human / animal interaction on patients.

The programme was designed by both Dr. Vernay, a Neurologist in Clermont-Ferrand and equine psychotherapist Cécile Cardona. ARDRA is an organisation which provides riding opportunities for people with disabilities.

The results of this study allow for more effective and specific therapy outlines, which can be used for other patient treatment, including conditions such as autism.

Ceva is committed to working together with its partners to improve human and animal health, including where this is assisted by strengthening the human-animal bond.

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