The first Global Animal Welfare Awards were held in South Korea

On 29 August, Ceva and the World Veterinary Association held the first ever Global Animal Welfare Awards in South Korea. The winners have now been announced!

At the first ever Global Animal Welfare Awards, hosted by the World Veterinary Association and Ceva during the 33rd World Veterinary Congress held in South Korea, six veterinarians were recognised for their commitment to animal welfare. The winners were chosen from across each of the 6 regional categories (North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, North Africa/Middle East and Asia/Oceania).

The 6 winners of the WVA AW 2017 Award are:

Dr. Joseph Othieno from Kenya

Dr. Othieno has raised awareness of animal health issues in Kenya and on a wider scale through his journalism. As well as being a respected veterinarian, he regularly writes articles on a series of veterinary issues in the mass media including appearances on television.

Dr. Sean Wensley from the UK

Dr. Wensley has concentrated much of his professional life on the issue of animal welfare. He worked on various international welfare projects as a young volunteer veterinarian. He is currently Senior Vice President of the British Veterinary Association and has been active in promoting that organisation’s strategy on animal welfare and promoting the five key factors in the UK’s Animal Welfare regulations.

Dr. Marlyn Romero from Colombia

Dr. Romero was nominated for the Awards following her work in Colombia and Latin America on the research into animal welfare issues particularly in slaughterhouses. She has authored numerous publications on the subject and is leading a research group looking at animal welfare on the theme of ‘One Health’.

Dr. Daniel Ventura from the Philippines

Dr. Ventura is cited for his work in promoting animal health in his home country, particularly in the field of veterinary education and spearheading a steering committee that has promoted the adoption of a syllabus entitled ’Advanced Concepts in Animal Welfare’. He has also led a campaign called ‘Better Lives for Dogs’ and recently organised a mass rabies vaccination day for dogs and their owners in Cebu City, Philippines.

Professor Johann (Hans) Coetzee from USA

Prof. Coetzee has been active in the animal welfare area for many years particularly in the area of cattle where he has led research looking at ways of advancing methods to treat livestock better. Key examples of his work include co-founding the biannual International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare. He has also been involved in work looking at the subject of pain management issues in the production of farm animals and has been a regular commentator in the media on these subjects.

Dr. Shehab Osman from Egypt

Dr. Osman was nominated for his work as Chairman of the Cairo Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and for promoting a variety of animal welfare issues in his country and on the international scene. He also advises Egyptian government departments and the health authorities on a number of areas including the management of stray dogs which is a huge problem in Egypt. He also acted as Chairman of the Egyptian Federation for Animal Welfare for four years.

Presiding over the Awards ceremony were Dr. René Carlson, Immediate Past President of WVA and Dr. Marc Prikazsky, Chairman & CEO of Ceva said;

The Global Animal Welfare Awards were established to recognise and reward veterinarians who have provided outstanding and exemplary welfare-related services to animal owners, fellow veterinarians and the general public. Ceva believes that as understanding and concern for animal welfare continues to develop and grow internationally, it is important to recognise those individuals and organisations who have played their part in helping this to happen.

Ceva is proud of all the amazing applications received and will be sharing with you the amazing tales of these individuals over the coming weeks!

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