Ceva committed to agrobiodiversity alongside the Fondation du Patrimoine

One of the primary roles of the agriculture is to provide people with enough food to eat that is safe, affordable and can be produced in a sustainable way.

Feeding a global population of around 10 billion in 2050 is a demanding challenge that will require the development of new practices adapted to the extraordinary diversity of economic, social and cultural canvases that make up world agriculture.

Ceva has always shown its commitment to serve all forms of agriculture, together with a diversified number of innovative partnerships.
Marc Prikazsky
CEO Ceva Santé Animale

In this context, Ceva’s vision is to support all forms of agriculture, giving particular attention to:

  • Animal welfare, a notion that must be a common thread, no matter what the size or form of agriculture.
  • Preservation of agrobiodiversity as the major bulwark of our ecosystem’s protection.

These 2 reasons explain Ceva’s long-standing commitment to the “Fondation du Patrimoine National Animal Agrobiodiversity Prize” under the patronage of the French Ministry of Agriculture, first awarded in 2012.

The annual prize recognises the original actions of farmers or associations to preserve and promote  French rare breeds and their unique genetic heritage: cattle, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, poultry, working dogs and other farm animals.

At the International Agriculture Show, Ceva Santé Animale and the Fondation du Patrimoine awarded the Fondation du Patrimoine National Animal Agrobiodiversity Prize to three breeders committed to the preservation of animal breeds in danger of extinction.

The third prize went to the
Pyrenee donkey, from Gers.

The second prize went to
Bordelaise cattle from Gironde

The first prize went to
Froment du Léon cattle from

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