Talking Feline Health at AAFP Conference

Ceva was one of the major sponsors of the 2016 American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Conference.

In October 2016, the annual AAFP conference saw its highest participation on record with approximately 1200 registrants representing 21 different countries – and all with a major interest in feline health!

Committed to strengthening the human-animal bond, Ceva was there to host several educational sessions on managing feline behavioural problems, and to educate veterinarians and staff about our range of products which may help practitioners manage feline health issues.

Ceva sponsored several educational sessions focused on the use of appropriate pheromonatherapy, how to reduce conflict between multiple cats in the home and how to minimise inappropriate scratching in cats.

Highlights included Ceva’s Dr. Valarie Tynes presenting on “From Ticks to Turkeys to Tabbies: The Science of Semiochemicals” and Dr. Nora Grant, attending her first meeting as a member of the Cat-Friendly Practice Advisory Council and participating in the first strategic planning session for the coming year.

Ceva has been a proud partner of AAFP since 2012. Together they run the Cat Friendly Practice which provides an opportunity for veterinary practices to promote care for cats by reducing stress during their visits and by increasing the number of cats who visit veterinarians.

Vets who join are happy with the programme and are pleased to be a member, as the testimonials below show:

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